2017 New Years Message

FSAC_Happy New year

2016 is over; it’s been a very ‘interesting’ year for us (as with others) in both good and bad ways.
We are grateful for the support, the follows, the shares, the likes, the BLOG subscriptions and the all-important feedback and comments.
Thank you for your continual support and your referrals, on the BLOG, Facebook and Twitter… it means a lot to us.

There has been a lot of loss (death) in 2016 but as we remember the ones we have personally lost and the bereaved loved ones, let’s also remember, the circle of life, the families and friends who have also expanded with new editions.

For those who are single, I hope that 2017 is an eventful year for you, filled with an abundance of benevolent activity and life fulfilling, character building charity and community work.
May you work your way out of jobs that were not meant for you and into areas you feel strongly about. May you no longer see it as work or a job…as it becomes your ‘passion’.
Enjoy your singleness; try something new, be brave and adventurous…be so busy helping others and developing yourself in the process.
May that positive activity and self-building put you in positions to meet the right person, if you are looking for a relationship. 😉

For single parents, I hope you find the support system you need, to live life and parent and you start to see the fruits of your labour pay off, in maturing, well rounded children who grow up to be good and decent human beings.

Congratulations to all who were engaged in 2016 and those who were engaged in previous years and are still engaged, well done to you.
We really hope 2017 is a year of weddings and celebrations of deeper levels of commitments, physically, spiritually, emotionally and legally. 🙂

We have had our own personal grieving to deal with and as much as we tried not to let it hinder the progress and plans we made, it obviously did.
Hopefully 2017 will see the successful completion of a couple of phases of our projects and objectives.

Happy New Year!

Would love to hear your thoughts...