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Phil and Lois GayleA Blogger and writer and 70s baby, born in North London.
Phil and Lois met in 1990, started dating in 1991, Married in 1994 and have 6 Children.
After Blogging on general topics since 2004 (starting on the MSN & Windows Live Spaces) Phil has now turned his focus to specialising  in his main passion area of ‘Relationships’ & ‘Marriage’.
Although Lois is more of talker than a writer, she will occasionally contribute to the BLOG, book and project, giving the “female perspective”.

This BLOG, along with it’s various posts, is an extension of the pending book, which has been in development since November 2012.
It’s a medium to encourage, stimulate and provoke readers in the hope they are more than ‘voyeurs’,  by sharing their views and opinions on the topics they feel passionate about.
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As on his previous BLOGs, Phil welcomes open and honest debate, even if a reader has opposing views.
He likes to share and is stimulated by those who do the same.
Some topics will be approached with a certain amount of ‘passion’  and that passion should not be mistaken for anger, the bearing of grudges or phobias.

Although never his intention to deliberately shock or offend, while he is  able to,  he  will continue to  exercise his freedom of speech and expression.


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