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Unless you’ve been on walk-about in the outback or went off-grid in some remote Southern hemisphere rain forest for the last couple of years, you would be well aware of the Brexit “situation” Britain finds itself in.

As human beings, our relationship with politics is a funny one.
* Some see it as the so-called ‘elite’ playing power games, those who inevitably create policies and situations to suit themselves and their nearest and dearest.
* Some see it as important, believing politics shape the way in which a country is governed, how it treats its citizens and the relationship their country has with the rest of the world.
* Some see it as extremely important (vital even) to the point of religion and religious indoctrination, holding onto every word their particular (President or Prime Minister) and their ruling parties utter, as if they were essential to breathing and living…treating the leader and parties as idols and gods.
* While others, simply don’t care, don’t believe it affects any part of their lives and never vote, as they believe nothing really changes.

I have been watching my Twitter news feed (and the news on TV) with some interest.
As a writer, I understand the need to share and be heard and Social Media, along with the current UK Brexit situation, is most definitely creating the platform for the understandably disgruntled masses to voice their opinions.

From my observations, trying to look at the situation as balanced as I possibly can, there appears to be 4 camps, the Leave & Remain contain both the extremist, the single minded people who refuse to accept that there is an opposing argument and are readily prepared to throw insults at those who oppose them.
However, both camps also contain the level-headed who have an ability to listen to the other-side of the argument but still hold onto their reasons for voting the way they did.
Within the latter group, there are those who can be swayed and I’ve read many accounts of those who have had a change of mind moving over to ‘the other side’.

Democracy or not?
There is an argument that many countries (including the UK) of being more of a Kleptocracy than a Democracy but that is a subject for another post.
Whatever your view (leave or remain), we are a country which is supposed to embrace Democracy, with democratically elected parties and leadership following democratic processes.
Whether you like it or not, British citizens were asked to go to the polls and vote as to whether or not the UK should remain part of the EU (as it stands) or come out of the EU but still be part of Europe.
Under a true Democracy, the government of that country is supposed to go with the majority vote and whether you like it or not, that majority vote went the way of those who voted to leave.
Going with the majority should equate to putting the necessary plans, methods and actions in place to ensure, that the majority get what the majority voted for.
It really is an open and closed case, those who voted remain lost the vote and those of us who voted to leave won.
The country should have already done so and have now (to the date of writing this) just over a month to ensure that we do leave.
There have been many important questions asked on both sides of the argument but the most important ones (clearly) are the ones filled with uncertainty and speculation.
How will we leave the EU but still remain part of Europe?
What will happen to Britain when we do leave?
Will there be more benefits for the majority of British citizens if we leave?
Will there be problems for British immigrants living in Europe once we leave?
What will happen to immigrants within the UK once we leave?
And so much more…
Some would argue that it’s stupid to change our positioning within the EU if the above and other vital questions cannot be specifically answered.
That argument is valid, however, the majority within the UK are obviously so fed up with the political and social-economical state of Britain (especially in relation to Europe) that they disagreed and were willing to embrace change, with its obvious uncertainties, hence the outcome of the vote.
Also, it remains just as unclear, what would happen, if we remained, especially if we were to defy and ignore the democratic process.

The importance of History and Geography
I have an interest in balanced unbiased History, however, I’m not an Akala  or David Olusoga.
They are two Historians with a passion to research and share historical truths and facts, down to the specific finer details, having published books, given talks and presented TV Documentaries on History, especially concerning Britain.

However, I have read and researched enough to know, when a country, monarchy or political system have specific agendas, which are not always evident, it’s within their interest to keep the masses in ignorance, in order to advance those agendas.
The British monarchy and governments could have historically prepared it’s people better, by sharing and teaching history honestly (warts and all).
Britain is geographically a break-away Island from the North-West of the European land mass and Historically, it’s early inhabitants all came from main-land Europe.
Under modern DNA testing, the majority of White British people could probably trace their ancestral history back to one or more of the mainland European countries.
It’s not so obvious to many in Europe, that Black & Brown African people have always travelled.
When the Roman Empire was marching, stealing and appropriating from the countries they conquered, they went into North-Eastern and Northern African regions and brought people from those regions and others, with them to Europe and Britain.

Slavery has been an evil which mankind has placed on each other from the dawn of time and has affected ‘every’ Ethnicity, tribe and colour, starting with people enslaving people of their own colour (from differing tribes etc.), all over the world.
It’s also not so obvious to many in Europe or other parts of the western world that, from around the 14th century (maybe even earlier), Black and Brown Africans (and later Brown & Cream Asians) were travelling to Europe and Britain for trade purposes, the arts and music etc.
As far as Britain is concerned, they began to turn their enslavement to Africans around the mid 1500s and while they were instrumental in being one of the first European countries to call for abolishment, they were instrumental in the promotion of the Slave triangle between Europe, Africa and the Americas/Caribbean and profited highly from it.
That being said, it has been uncovered and shared, that Black and Brown people were both free and slaves, living and working in Britain around the 17th century.

Taking the important historical and geographical movement of people of colour into consideration.
Teaching the British about it’s past and how its vast amount of wealth and ‘greatness’ were accumulated off the back of shrewd trade and enslaving Africans to do the majority of work.
Teaching the British masses that the Royal family is made up of Germans and Greeks (European mainlanders).
Teaching the indigenous White British masses that they are in-fact European descendants who speak a different language.
Helping, not only British but other European nations to understand what Jesus meant when he said you reap what you sow.
To put it another way, Isaac Newton termed it (within one of his laws of physics) ‘To every single action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.
If the above were taught and understood it would have made what happened in the late 1940s and early 1950s more easier for the educated and informed British citizen to digest and accept.

There should have been another important question asked back in the late 1940s early 1950s.
Consider the following…
After the second world war both the outgoing Labour and Incoming Conservative government had to take a serious look at the state of Britain.
Remember, it was a war where primarily Britain was fighting its European cousin Germany, yes, the rest of the European cousins were also involved and remember the Queens heritage stems from Germany.
Also, within that second world war, Britain called upon the so-called common wealth countries to assist.
Black, Brown & Cream people from ex-enslaved countries and Islands also joined in, I have ancestry (as do many others) who participated in the war effort to help Britain defeat its Germany cousins.

It’s a lot to take in but consider what the Government of the time was thinking…
4/5 years after the second world war, the country hasn’t picked up, there are jobs which need to be done, long and unsociable hours need to be worked and they wanted to pay as little as possible for that work to be done.
That obviously wasn’t looking attractive to the majority of indigenous White Brits, therefore they called upon the commonwealth citizens of Britain (especially from the Caribbean) to come over and help build “Mother England/Britain” back to greatness.
Hold on…Did they give him the British public the ‘heads up’ and tell them if they don’t get back to work, the Black, Brown and Cream people of the British empire, would come and do the jobs they wouldn’t?

This is just speculation, but I believe at that time, if a country-wide election/vote was called to decide the following.
Do you want the Black & Brown people to come and live/work in Britain or not?
Despite those people joining the war effort previously, due to all what happened in Britain from the early 1950s onwards, the majority vote would have probably been a resounding ‘No’.

The Queen and her governments decided not to ask the British people and that was wrong.
I know those who educated themselves know this already but what a lot of White British people need to understand is, that the majority of Blacks & Browns didn’t intend to be here for the long-haul, they intended to come over, earn some good money then, as the Xenophobes and prejudice would say…go back to where they came from.
That was made difficult due to the cunning way in which the government and system was set, they got the Blacks & Browns over here cheaply then hiked the return fares up, to prevent the majority of them from ever leaving. So that’s just what happened…they stayed.
And over the years Britain (rightly or wrongly) has also opened the doors to others to come over and settle.
Remember Isaac Newtons law of physics?
Yes, many (especially outside of London) are suffering and it seems to be a real ‘kick in the teeth’ for them to see or hear about others coming into the country and obtaining certain benefits.
It is, however, an historical ‘reaction’ to what Britain was involved with in its past, with over 400 years of involvement in slavery and wealth building from that slavery.
Its a misconception to believe that every single White British person benefited from slavery, check out this website.
I do have a great deal of sympathy for the indigenous White Brits who have a history of poverty within their family lines, which the governments are not addressing or helping.
The system, in many ways, is set against them just as much as it is (especially institutionally) set against legal British people of colour.

History lesson over, where are we now?

David Cameron was right to ask the British public what they wanted, although many believed that he called for the vote believing that there would be an outstanding majority to remain.
The Conservative government was shown just how they’ve lost touch with what the majority are going though and feel about Britain.
The current government have recently been re-called to parliament and I would assume the intelligent thing to do would be for them to work tirelessly to secure Brexit under the best possible conditions.

Dispelling some widely held myths
• Only ‘little Englanders’ voted leave
• Londoners voted remain
• The younger voters voted remain
• Older voters voted leave
• Those with higher education/intelligence voted remain
• Those with lower education/intelligence voted leave
• Business owners voted remain
• White Xenophobic & prejudice (immigrant haters) voted leave
• British people of colour voted remain
• Those who love to travel voted remain
• Those who want a complete separation from Europe voted leave
• The financially well-off voted remain

Myths Busted
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There are many differing reasons why people voted the way they did and I’ve read or heard all of the above, sweeping generalisations used to categorise voters, some of which are petty, insulting and childish.
3 of my grandparents were part of the 1950s move to ‘Mother England’ from Jamaica.
They later sent for my parents, who went through the English secondary school system here.
I’m obviously a legal Black Brit born in London and I voted to leave but my reasons are very unique and linked to my beliefs and life values etc. (I would probably need to do a separate post to fully explain).
My vote in itself disproves many of the above myths, banded about myths concerning voters.
If you are proud of your country and White it doesn’t automatically make you an angry bigoted Xenophobe.
If you are a Brit from the ethnic minorities, it doesn’t automatically mean that you are out for revenge, want to commit crime or to overtake Britain and get illegal immigrants in.
There has to be compassion and help for those in genuine need but you have to look after those who are legal and born in your country and you have to set limits.
Politics is a difficult balancing act, in which many of the parties have demonstrated a complete lack of equilibrium concerning the majority.

A change in the future of British Politics
One thing for certain, after October 31st 2019 we are probably going to see a change in the political landscape of Britain.
I posted a Tweet recently in which I sated the parties are beginning to be a meld of varying different opinions.
Politicians are changing parties, and joining the opposition, mainly due to disagreements with the main leaders, or certain key policies.
With so many changes, the parties (as we knew them) are changing their identities and morphing into new creatures.

I tend to use my vote (sometimes in protest) but for the longest time, I can categorically say that no one party contains all the policies I agree with.
I can look at the policies of Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, UKIP, The Christian Alliance and the Green Party and pick out things I feel strongly about from all of them.
We may have to start getting used to the idea of hung votes and coalition parties becoming the norm but we’ve seen how well that has worked, haven’t we?
Sarcasm aside,
I most definitely will be looking into sharing my thoughts on my perfect political party/government in the near future.

What has happened recently in Britain, is a wake up call for everyone, and should encourage us to remove the apathy and ‘what’s the point?’ attitudes, start reading party manifestos and deciding which party comes closest to ideals we believe in.
Politicians are there to serve us in leadership, that’s why they are called that Biblical term ‘Minsters’.
They should be held accountable for their actions and decisions, especially if/when they lie to us and don’t deliver on what they promise.

Despite my vote, due to what I believe, I’m under the impression that this is a temporary setback to the ‘bigger picture’ plans of world leadership.
To use an expression, everything will come out clean from the wash, eventually but whether we like it or not, just as businesses are amalgamating (with only a handful of companies owning others) politics will eventually go the same way.
Europe will eventually merge, become centralised and tightly controlled in the move with other centralised continent zones to complete the main new world order, centralised, one-world government.
We are living in some, for want of a better word, ‘interesting’ times…I’m just trying my best to be a positive influence, before my time here is up.

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