No matter what certain sections of the media report, men and women…the young, middle-aged and seniors, are still entering the covenant and institution of marriage.
Gentlemen continue to ask their ladies for their hand (& heart) in marriage and long may it continue…

Marriage continues

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Ethnically biased relationship choices…something to think about.

There are others, however, ‘For Singles and Couples’ will be completely different.
Challenging topics, controversial to some, spoken behind closed doors by others but never really discussed in an open forum.
Taking the topics of ‘preference‘ and its ‘other side‘ into consideration, something else to think about…
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Too Much…

Phil Gayle_ForSinglesAndCouples
Too Black for the xenophobes, Too straight for the hetro-haters, Too spiritual for the unbelievers, Too sensual for the religious, Too manly for the men-haters, Too woman-loving for the misogynists, Too poor for the financially rich, Too direct for the hypersensitive, Too balanced for the one-sided, Too forgiving for the grudge-keepers, Too healthy for the unhealthy, Too fit for the unfit, Too outspoken for the secretive, Too honest for the liars, Too humble for the arrogant, Too idealistic for the pessimist, Too hard-working for the lazy, Too patient for the impatient, Too understanding for the judgemental, Too deep for the shallow, Too serious for the continual jester, Too humorous for the super-serious, Too strong for the cowards, Too gentle for the aggressive, Too down-to-earth for those with delusions of grandeur, Too caring for the selfish, Too accepting of others (irrespective of ethnicity or colour) for the Blacks who hate non-blacks and Too loving for the hateful…
I suppose I’m just too much…however, acknowledging my errors, mistakes and faults have helped me, to become the man I am and I’m here to help and assist, in any way I can.

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