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I have a confession to make, I’ve had to do a bit of soul-searching with regards to my writing and intended reading audience.
I’m humble and open enough to admit when I’m wrong and for all the obvious reasons I’m willing to publicly declare that, I was wrong.

The general rule of thumb is to write about what you know…check and to write about what you feel passionately about…check.
However, I had the initial intention to write for ‘everyone’ and while I would still love that to be the case, the harsh reality is, my writing is sadly not intended for everyone.

My writing is intended (first and foremost) for people who like to read.
Concerning age, gender, colour and ethnicity, it’s still the same, if you are a late teen (and older) and if you like to read, irrespective of your colour, gender, ethnicity or nationality, my writing is for you.
It’s also for those who exercise humility, who are looking to be challenged, those looking to step out of their comfort zones who want to try and learn something new.

cropped-fsaclogo-1.jpgThe ‘For…’ series
One thing that did come from my soul-searching, was the acknowledgement and acceptance that I have a series of books to write, the first of which being ‘For Singles and Couples’.
The “For…” series will also include a definite 2 additional titles, one targeted at people of a specific status, the other targeted at a specific gender and their roles.
There is a possible 4th book in the series, one which I hopefully will not have to write, but will, if I have a change of circumstances.

PDFReaderFree E-books
For a long while now, I have been trying to condense and complete two BLOG posts covering some very challenging and some may say ‘controversial’ issues, without any success.
I have not been able to complete them because they simply can’t be condensed.
In the early part of 2017 they will be available as two free .pdf downloads from our site,
Due to our current political climate, in light of Brexit and the pending ‘Trump’s America’ along with other social and political debates and events…both books will be very relevant.

Phil Gayle.
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