They may be in some religions but not in True Christianity

Some make a religion out of them, some religions have their foundations built on them. Some foolishly mistake and connect them to Christianity, while others ‘who study’ know they have nothing to do with a ‘true’ belief (in the teachings of) and relationship with, Jesus Christ and becoming a disciple. Xenophobia and prejudice, those crazy … Read more They may be in some religions but not in True Christianity

Don’t miss ‘It’

I don’t take the peace I have for granted, even before taking my belief and faith seriously, I never really had any serious or major hang-ups about certain groups of people. I was never against people based on their nationality, colour of their skin, gender or age, if I did have any issues, it would … Read more Don’t miss ‘It’

The calling and the chosen

We’ve all heard the that famous and true saying from the Word of God (AKA The Holy Bible). Many have had their thoughts about that saying but how many really understand it. There is a point to life and living…that’s why you and I are here. Consider this… #thecalling #yourchoice #thecalled #thechosen #relationshipnotreligion #iarnr #TheChosenFew … Read more The calling and the chosen

Loving others

Love…It’s more than words, its ‘action’. ‘Love’, a word so easy to say but most know that Love is an action, it’s all about what we do, not what we say. The only way to truly love ourselves and others, is to identify with the Love God has for us and has placed in us. … Read more Loving others

Correct Terms

We follow historical man-made traditions easily, sometimes without questioning whether those traditions are correct or even necessary. In terms of relating to ourselves and our fellow human beings, we have to realise and understand that, yes, there are racists, however, they are ‘spiritual entities’ and haters of the human race. As for us humans…there is … Read more Correct Terms


We’re born into one, it’s where God first puts us and (barring unforeseen difficult circumstances beyond our control) it’s where we stay until we mature and decide to have our own, at which point our family priorities shift. It should be our first priority (our first ministry) but those priorities often come under attack from … Read more Family

The freedom in knowing

Human beings have a fantastic capacity to love, feel, communicate, share and help each other. The other side to that, is the unfortunate ability to hate, harm and perform all manner of evils to each other. Those evils create some serious needs, which God has given us an ability to address and help, in order … Read more The freedom in knowing

Human Nature

If ever there was a time to dig in deep and find our moral compasses, it’s now. Broadway has many options and choices but are they always right? Just because we can, does it mean we should? #‎humannature‬ #‎goodforus‬ #‎dowhatsright‬ #‎standup #iarnr ‬#TheChosenFew 0

Your purpose

If you’re not one of those people who try to “school” everyone they talk to. If you’re not one of those people who are ‘always’ talking about what they do. If you’re a person who gives others time and space to share their information. It can be hard, for those (who lack discernment) to notice … Read more Your purpose

Relationship vs Religion – The Church (Part 1)

At first glance, some of the subject matters on this Blog would appear to be only applicable to those who have faith or are spiritual minded…however, that is most definitely not the case. I’m always aware of the Apostle Paul’s quote regarding the natural minds inability to accept and understand things concerning God, usually regarding … Read more Relationship vs Religion – The Church (Part 1)

Christmas and Easter

Whether you are a believer or not, your timetable, schedule for work and holidays, in fact, the world calendars have holiday dates which have been implemented to ‘supposedly’ reflect Christian holidays. When I was growing up, we were taught that England was a Christian country and that the holidays we had reflected that. After learning … Read more Christmas and Easter


If this is your first visit to FSAC (For Singles and Couples) you may not be aware of the nature of the Blog posts. As I’ve said in previous posts (especially in the “Amalgamation…” & “Why…” posts) FSAC covers all types of relationships. There are no restrictions on my posts, visitors place their own blocks … Read more Religion