I ‘Like’ it.

Back to some sort of normality now, after recovering from the flu, which I caught for the first time in 2 years.
Among the handful of others things I’m doing, I’ve been trying to make sure that I ‘Like’ all the Facebook pages of my fellow Bloggers…so far I have: –
Anne Schilde
Crazy Chicks Club (Lafem)
I have more than 5,000 contacts (Red)
Lady or Not Here I Come (Becca)

fblikeDo you have a Facebook page? If so, please leave a link in your comment and I will be happy to ‘Like’ it.
You don’t need to have a page, if you have a Facebook account, please feel free to visit my page http:www.facebook.com/ForSinglesandCouples and click that ‘Like’ button…Thank you. 🙂

Right, I have posts to complete and nearly 200 emails to get through.


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