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I understand completely, concerning church and business…I agree, yet slightly disagree, with part of the tweets.
In previous Blog posts, I’ve covered the definition of Church, i.e. “The called out”…those who are separated from others, by God for God… AKA “The Ecclesia”, the first of which being the disciples and followers of Yeshua Adonai in the upper room.
If you know anything about regular ‘business’ you will know that many have taken their modern day business models based on the order and structure of the original Church e.g. with Yeshua being a the Head (CEO), the disciples being what would be considered to be department managers (or senior/middle managers) etc. etc.
As with most things in this world, the laws, structure of business etc. are taken from Biblical principles, teachings and structures.
That being said, The original objective of God redeeming us back to himself, creating the Church and having the Church grow and multiply, was not to use people, control people, treat them as a commodity or to make money from them.
It was to have as many as possible (people who would lovingly be obedient to him) be saved from the second death, in order to live and reign with Him.
And in the process, while we are here on this earth, to be loving helpers of others and constructive contributors to society.

A definite distinction needs to be made by the true believer and the correct terminology should be used to define the difference between the true “Church” and ‘religious organisations’.
I will agree that many religious organisations are the modern day equivalent to those who were hit and had their tables overturned by Yeshua in the old temple.
The Twitter member is right, many of those organisation are full of, the love of money.
The leaders & blind followers within those organisations (if they do not repent) will be in trouble with Him.
However, most of Yeshua’s patience with them is because of the lost souls, who hear His call and go to those places to seek him, as well as the True Church (the real believers) who fellowship regularly within those organisations.

Yeshua never intended us to be divided by denominations, that is yet another man-made ‘religious’ invention.
He wanted us to be one with him (in a close and intimate relationship).
That being said, depending on where you fellowship, you may hear the distortion a particular scripture (The Apostle’s exhortation to the Church – Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 25) which sadly, is used as a tool for manipulation to promote (or enforce) organisation attendance.
There are many who (for whatever reason) attend Church services, some will continue to fellowship with other believers.
Others will visit once (maybe twice), may even get baptised and never intend to fellowship again, believing they have done enough to be ‘safe’…
Which do you think that encouragement refers to in the above scripture?

There is obviously a need and a place for established assemblies which fellowship at various set locations…they usually are the easiest places for a seeker to look for.
However, we should all be careful not to limit God and his work and refuse others (or put condemnation on them with accusations of being unsaved or back-slidden) just because they do not fellowship where we do.
Remember… The Gospel according to Mark Chapter 9 verses 38 – 41.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and read.

God Bless.

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