Relationship vs Religion – The Church (Part 1)

At first glance, some of the subject matters on this Blog would appear to be only applicable to those who have faith or are spiritual minded…however, that is most definitely not the case.
I’m always aware of the Apostle Paul’s quote regarding the natural minds inability to accept and understand things concerning God, usually regarding those things as nonsense, (1st Letter to the Church in Corinth, Chapter 2 verse 14).
However, it does not stop the natural mind from being curious and looking at life from a different perspective.
Therefore, as always, I welcome readers from all walks-of-life, especially those who like to read and do their own research…

Definition: –
The Church: – The Ecclesia (Ekklesia), the ‘called out ones’ (i.e. the called out “people”).

It’s no surprise, that the version of Christianity (the majority of us initially learn) is one taken from a religious perspective, mainly from the allowed religious organisations, the education sector and the media.
That is usually down to the laziness (in part) of our parents and eventually, we continue to adopt that lazy approach until we hear “the calling” to go on a journey of discovery ourselves.
It’s understandable that those who claim that they do not believe in anything, or those who have other religious beliefs, would be mistaken in thinking that the Church is solely made up of the established religious cults/organisations.
Many also incorrectly believe that the “Church” are the buildings they see (traditional or modern), with steeples, stained-glass windows, large crosses, or so-called images of Jesus and Mary on them.
That is not the Church but “The Church” ‘is’ among those organisations and I will explain what I mean later.
In a previous post, I spoke about the ‘cult mind-set’ and having encountered it first hand and it’s unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate my mind and make me assimilate to unnecessary rules, ways of behaving, speaking and thinking.
I’m sadly aware that there are many who consider that they ‘go to Church’ and due to their religious programming, may be reluctant to read on, for fear of what they may read and how it may challenge them.
There is nothing to fear…my encouragement to you, would be to get your Word, open it up, continue to read this post alongside the Bible and see the truth for yourself.
If you believe you are spiritual, that you don’t have a cult mind-set and you believe you are into finding out truths, you will obviously have no objection (or fear) in doing some studies and research.

Relationship with humankind was the original objective of God. Creating Adam (and Eve), giving him authority, walking and talking with him until the disobedience (of Adam & Eve) and the expulsion from that state of close relationship (i.e. fellowship).
Which was recorded in first book of the Bible (Genesis), as well as the Apocrypha (Adam & Eve).

After the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, The sons/grandsons of Adam, Seth and his son Enosh were named among those who prayed (i.e. called on the name of the Lord and spoke to him) (Genesis Chapter 4 verse 26)…
There was no mention of going to any buildings, temples/tabernacles/synagogues.
Noah had a relationship with God, It is written that Noah ‘walked with God’… again, no mention of temples/tabernacles/synagogues. (Genesis Chapter 6 verse 9).
When God first spoke to Abraham, Abraham was not in a Temple/Tabernacle or Synagogue, God spoke to Abraham while he was still living in a pagan community giving him specific instructions to separate himself from that community. (Genesis Chapter 12 verses 1-3).

Abraham was called, ‘the father of faith’, realising the existence of the one ‘True’ God, in a time when humankind had lost their way “again” and worshipped anything and everything else.
Since leaving his parental home and going on a journey of discovery (which we later found would be the start of a nation who would be set apart for God).
Abraham would be considered one of a few men (in a long while), who heard, listened and obeyed what God had to say to him.

The knowledgeable reader, at this point, would have already begun to get the message, if you have done your research and read the Bible, you would have already gathered that, initially, all God requires, is our attention.
Although it can be helpful at times, providing the individual is prepared to ‘listen’, there is no need for a ‘special person/religious leader’ or a specific location, building or day of the week, to speak to or hear from God and for us to begin a two-way relationship.
That being said, please bear with me, as I have only just begun to lay the foundation for this topic.

UPDATE:-After many life events, important and otherwise, I still have to conclude this post.
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Part 2 to follow….

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