Quality over Quantity…

In the Canary IslandsI’m always reflective on my birthday, I think more deeply about God, life, love, relatives, family and friendships.
I’ve always been one who prefers quality over quantity, in my love life and with friendships in general.
As much as I would like to publish posts on a daily basis, it seems that the ‘quality over quantity’ philosophy also influences my Blogging and writing. 😉
I’m taking my time, in an attempt to produce quality posts and I’m hoping that I’m building some new quality relationships/friendships in the process.
Have a good day. 🙂

You’re not my type.

Lois and I had a recent discussion about Blogtiquette and began to discuss social networks and ‘people’ in general.
Since I’ve been back into the swing of things with this new BLOG, I have tried to re-establish connections with those who I followed/who followed me on The Lounge.
I have also waxed the board and been surfing along the WordPress coast and even over to Blogger Island to see what’s new.
Before I move onto romantic/intimate relationships I feel a little compelled to look at the social dynamics of on-line friendships and how those who Blog interact with each other.
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