Relationship keys – The ‘F’ word

So many ‘possibly great’ relationships are ended prematurely because of a lack of it.
So many stay in relationships way longer than they should because it’s being abused.
So many fail to understand the power it has…
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It’s complicated

The philosophical statements:-

  • “Life really doesn’t have to be complicated…we complicate things”
  • “ From the moment we’re born life is complicated…we have to find a way to make it uncomplicated”
  • “Life is only complicated if you ‘re poor and have limited options”
  • “Life is only complicated if you’re rich because you have too many options”
  • “Without education and the ability to learn and grow…life is complicated”
  • “Life is complicated because we don’t have faith or a belief in God”
  • “Life is complicated because we believe in God”.

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