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If you’re familiar with this Blog you’ll know that I began blogging before the days of YouTube.
Being an ex-IT pro, it would have been easy for me to get involved with YouTube from the onset, which would obviously mean, I would have had an established channel by now.
However, my early blogging was so varied, I preferred to write, the posts would not have necessarily translated well to vlogging, the vision for the channel wasn’t established and more importantly, the timing wasn’t right.
Since the ending of last year, I’ve been sharing news concerning the pending launch of our channel and up until last week, we had planned to launch this month (March 2020), however, that plan has changed.

I have 3 WIP (works in progress) therefore, it would be wiser, especially after such a long development period, to concentrate on completing them.
Producing content for the channel is possible but it would mean an even greater delay on the books, causing more stress in the process.

Update: I’ve had some time to think about things.
With the required workload, plus YouTube removing health related videos and stifling freedom of speech.
I’ve decided that all future videos will be posted on our Blog.
I will continue to follow and comment on the YouTube channels of all who subscribe and contribute to For Singles And Couples.

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