The Royal Wedding and Michael Curry’s message on Love

Harry and MeganOriginal post date: 20th May 2018
Wow…what a great weekend, the weather was wonderful and then there was the wedding of the second son of the departed Princess Diana, Mr & Mrs Windsor (A.K.A. Harry and Megan).
The net (especially social media) was on-fire, as you probably are aware, the chatter concerned the 13 or so minutes given by Pastor Michael Curry and his mini-sermon/exhortation on ‘Love’.Michael Curry
I read news sites, the comments on those news websites and on Twitter, as well as watched the posted memes, videos, gifs etc. concerning the message…I even ‘liked’ a few posts.
We all have an opinion, those of us who can see and hear, would have developed that opinion based on what we observed, whether we shared those opinions with others or not.
As with anything, which comes from God…it ALWAYS causes a stir among us human beings.

Not really surprised…
Having moved from a life of acknowledgement and wishy-washy so-called belief, to religious belief, to true belief and relationship, the last 25 years of my life has given me many experiences in my discipleship walk.
Those of you with similar experiences, like me, were also not surprised at the content of the message or the delivery of the message…of “#Love”.

We can all make assumptions as to what the guests were thinking, however, only Jesus can read the thoughts of our mind and see the depths and intentions of our heart.
That being said, it was funny seeing the facial expressions of the guests (both the well-known and not-so-well known) and their mannerisms, as the camera panned around the church-building.
What was a pleasant surprise, was the fact that both Harry and Megan decided to ask Michael to speak, we #TheChosenFew obviously welcomed that bold and great move by the couple.

I am going to comment on a few of the points which were raised on-line.

It’s Not a ‘Black thing’…
Some may not know this but Michael Curry’s message wasn’t a ‘Black church message’.
For those who don’t know, there are Brown, Cream & White believers who preach and teach with the exact same belief, honesty, love and passion.
All Holy-Spirit led/inspired people speak with the same conviction and depth of feeling, irrespective of their ethnicity or colour.
The ignorant, especially those who like to use ethnicity and colour to divide rather than unite, all too easily use colour for segregation purposes.

Funny enough, I didn’t really see much posted by those who incorrectly and ignorantly believe that a belief in the Alpha & Omega (AKA Jesus Christ) and his teaching on repentance, living sin free and in Love, are not for Black people.
Those who hold other man-made pagan religious (and fallen angel inspired beliefs) appeared to be muted concerning Michael’s message.
Also, make no mistake, Michael wasn’t bringing a message from the so-called Black church to White Royalty and so-called celebrities…He was bringing a God-inspired Church (i.e. people of God) message, to the souls at the Windsor wedding and the souls watching around the world…to Black, Brown, Cream & White, to people of all ethnicities.

The wedding guest didn’t go to ‘Church’…
Going to a garage regularly and looking at cars, doesn’t automatically make you a mechanic, in using the same logic, going to a Church-building doesn’t automatically make you a Christian/true believer.
Comments were made concerning the guests ‘going to church’, when the truth of the matter is, ‘The Church’ are the true believers in Jesus Christ…the people, not the building.
The Church (the believers, Michael Curry and all), in truth, came to the guest on Saturday and reminded the rest of the world, that we are still here and not going anywhere, until Jesus himself calls us.

It was not that long…
This is another issue that was mentioned, along with the incorrect assumptions and observations of Michael Curry…’show-boating’, ‘trying to steal the show’ or ‘making things all about him’.
It’s a ridiculous notion but one that is understandable.
I wasn’t always a believer, I was brought up with an acknowledgement of God, which enables me to see both sides of this argument.

When the Spirit of God uses any individual to speak to another individual or the masses, the message and messenger will either be received and the listener (if they believe) will choose to make the positive changes in their lives.
Or, due to a lack of education, ignorance, un-belief, prejudices etc. the recipient will reject the Word of God and His messenger, especially if that messenger comes in a package which is disliked by that resistant individual(s).
So ‘obviously’ a message of Love, unity within the family of human-kind and the cure being Jesus, will be accepted or rejected, depending on the type of individual listening to the message.
It will be seen as quick/short if you’re the ‘former’ lover of God or long, if you’re the ‘latter’ rejecter.
A message like that (by anyone who doesn’t want to know) would have been seen as long, even if it only took 5 minutes to deliver.

What’s slavery, Martin Luther king, Colonialism, Greed, Corporate and political corruption got to do with the wedding?
Did you not see the two individuals who were getting married?
Do you not know history, especially the history of the so-called commonwealth?
Are you not aware of the two individuals backgrounds and family history?
Are you not aware of the religious and political divisions which exist?
Are you not aware of the man-made poverty and gross disparity between the rich and poor which exists?
Are you not aware that Xenophobia is still a problem in the world today both blatant & covert institutional Xenophobia (a.k.a racism)?

Pastor Michael Curry’s message was most definitely God-inspired and appropriate for the occasion.
Listen to it again and keep the above questions in mind and it will all make sense to you.
Poignant and appropriate, delivered with heart-felt, Holy-Spirit felt feeling, to the haters of Jesus, acknowledgers of Jesus and believers/lovers of Jesus.

Wedding Sermon

To conclude…
I only hope that the message was heard by those with open and willing hearts, even if it’s only one person who decides to let go and let Jesus in….I rejoice in that.

Time is wrapping up and that’s why we cannot afford to be apologetic for believing the truth, following the way and embracing eternal life.
We all need to remember that God loves all of us but hates the sin we commit, the problem in the world is that too many incorrectly believe, if He loves me, he should love the sin I like to commit…WRONG, WRONG & WRONG.
The Holy God, cannot and will never love our sin,  sin is what destroys us and what causes us to destroy each other

True Love comes with accepting those truths and removing ourselves from sin, then and only then can we embrace his commandments which hang on those two beautiful things which Michael reminded everyone of…That we should love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and that we love our neighbours as ourselves.

Have a great week people.
Much Love,

Update date: 20th January 2020
At the start of a new year and decade there has been uproar, as Harry and Megan have ‘gone public’ with the news concerning no longer wishing to live their lives as official members of the Royal family.
In my observations, those things Michael Curry mentioned in his sermon, appear to be ‘prophetically’ of even more relevance to them.
They have met with Prince Charles and the Queen and agreements have been made, allowing them to go their own way.
The British public and the rest of the world have much to say on the situation, some blame Megan for the decision while others blame institutional, direct and implied Xenophobia towards Megan, provoking the couple to make the decision for their family.
I hope it works out for the best for them.

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