Voting and the 2019 UK elections

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The UK general elections are 5 days away and there’s a noticeable increase in the political debates in both the MM and on my SMP of choice, Twitter.
In previous posts, I mentioned I would be writing a couple of political related posts both on the elections and the environment.
However, after taking a little time to think about things, as important as the current political climate is, I have decided to break down those posts and put some of the relevant information in the two E-books I’m also working on.

People like to be able to categorise and some feel uncomfortable when they cannot.
If you have read my past posts and the “About page” you ‘should’ have an understanding of what the FSAC Blog is all about.
It is an amalgamation of two Blogs, it now deals with relationships on an holistic level, not just romantic/marital.
The spiritual aspects of FSAC, concerning our relationship to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Word (the Bible) are obviously not for sale or to sell.
The rest of the posts on FSAC are small pieces (extracts) from the first Book of the series and also from the additional E-books.
There is a clear distinction as to what is free and what will eventually be ‘for sale’ in the form of books, those who take the time to read and understand, will obviously ‘get it’.

Politics, has become yet another religion, with the main parties, their leadership, members and policies holding many, under a passionate desire to ‘see their religion win’.

I’m aware of the direction that the FSAC blog and it’s posts could take (due to that passion) and have decided not to delve any further into those areas on the Blog.
Some believe voting is futile and yet, when they don’t vote, they are among those who are the most vocal in complaining about the current state of the country and the government.
Although I am a believer in certain things having to ‘run their course’ I also fight against personal voting apathy, choosing to utilise my vote, as I believe it’s important to have your say.

I feel it’s even more important for those who come from an historical lineage of the disenfranchised (such as myself) to vote, even if it’s to vote in protest.
When the two main political parties have both positive and negative policies, a protest vote for a lesser, for want of a better word, offensive, party should always be used.
If you’ve read “The Rich List” you would be right in making a calculated guess that I will not make my voting choice based on how much money I can get or keep hold of.
Also, my “Love and Colour” post indicates that my vote will not be based on jingoistic, xenophobic and prejudice fears.

I will vote based on the principles and beliefs I hold and will look at a party which closest matches those important criteria…the best of the rest.
I’ve previously stated that I see the two main parties(leaders) as being between a rock and a hard place and although I live in a so-called ‘strong-hold’ of one those parties, I will use my vote for another party, in protest.

It’s obvious what I voted for previously, as stated in my “Britain and Brexit” post.
In watching the current debates and interviews, if the Brexit party doesn’t hold a majority in this election, Britain will have to come in from the ‘naughty step’ and join it’s cousins at the EU table (sooner rather than later) in preparation for the NWO and OWG.

I’m not superstitious, the fear of a day/date holds no relevance to me whatsoever.
Therefore, if my life is spared and I’m granted the blessing of waking up on Friday the 13th of December.
I will be fine in knowing, whatever the outcome, that I did my bit by voting and if it’s another hung-parliament, I can only hope that a coalition will enable a slowing down of the inevitable political and world events to come.
Until then, those who know, know it’s up to us, to work, while it is still day.


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