What the ‘Hell’ were we thinking?

There are so many many references concerning hell and many of them, that most believe(d), have their roots in religion and Greek philosophy.
Religious and Philosophical Myths…
* God sends bad people to hell.
* All souls are eternal.
* Hell was created for bad people.
To name a few…
I received my own personal ‘eye opening’ revelations back in 2005, to receive yours (if you haven’t already), you need to be patient, read, study and if you lack understanding, just ask God (pray) for it…believe and receive it.
It’s a natural and spiritual process, you take a leap of faith (spiritual) and you do some in-depth reading (natural).

You will obviously need a Bible, maybe an encyclopaedia but as always, here are some excellent on-line resources: –

Have a good readReader challenge…
Visit both sites, read carefully and reference what you read against the Biblical references and scriptures.

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