Worship where worship is due

The increasing level of ‘creation worship’, should be a real concern to most.
They go to war, extinguish fires, rescue others, enforce the law, perform surgery, give to charity, play sports, sing, act, dance, lead and govern by birth (monarchy) or by election (political).
Yes, some do extremely important jobs while others…not so important.
Yes, some are the best at what they do, while others are the privileged fortunate recipients of nepotism.
The devastation shown by others, when ‘they’ (people) show their human frailties is astonishing.
The worshipping masses seem to forget that their self-imposed idols also have to eat, drink and use the bathroom, like everyone else.
There’s more than enough evidence to suggest that we all have an inherent tendency to want to worship, however, sadly, that worship is all too often misplaced, mainly due to ignorance but sometimes due to wilful disobedience.

Worship where its due
Remember… Romans Chapter 1 verses 19-25

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